QUILT#95 – How to Sew Spiral Triangle Rings

By RaNae Merrill for the Spiral Holiday Wreath featured in QUILT, Issue #95.

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How to Sew Spiral Triangle Rings

1. Setting the center
Place the center fabric face down on the table, then position the foundation over it so that
the edges overlap the center ring of seam lines by 1/4”. Pin, tape or baste the center
securely into place.

2. Adding the first triangle
Position fabric for the first triangle face down on the front of the foundation over the center piece. Pin or tape into position. Turn the foundation over and stitch on the back along the seam line from the right toward the left, stopping at least 1/4” before the seam line intersection of the next triangle to the left. This is the partial seam to be finished
later. Trim seam allowance to 1/4” in the sewn section. Flip right side up and press back. Also press the seam line on the unsewn tip of the triangle. Pin loose tip out of the way.

3. Trimming seam allowances
Every time you finish sewing a piece of fabric, fold the foundation back and trim the seam allowance to 1/4”. Before trimming, flip the fabric into place and make sure that it is positioned correctly, including adequate seam allowances.

4. Adding the remaining triangles
Work around the ring in a clockwise direction, one triangle at a time. The next triangle is always the one that crosses the shortest side of the previously sewn triangle. Position the next fabric piece and secure in place. Turn the foundation over and stitch on the back all the way along the seam line. Trim seam allowance. Flip fabric right side up and press.

5. Finishing the first triangle partial seam
Locate the seam that crosses the short side of the first triangle and tear it free from the foundation. Unfold the first triangle so it lays flat with the seam open and face down. Align the pressed seam line on the unsewn portion of the fabric with the seam line on the foundation. Secure in place. Turn to the foundation side and finish stitching the seam. Return the first triangle to its position. Pin the torn seam back over its seam line. 

6. Next step trim
After you have sewn and pressed an entire ring, do a “next step” trim. Place the block face down on the cutting mat. Use a highlighter pen to mark the seam line for the next ring of triangles. Working one triangle at a time around the ring, fold the foundation back on the highlighted seam line and trim the fabric 1/4” beyond the fold. When you position the fabric for the next ring, youʼll be able to align it with this trimmed edge. 

Begin the next ring of triangles at a different spoke in order to hold the loose seam from Step 5 in place.

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