QUILT#93 – Row-by-Row…QUILT-AS-YOU-GO!

By Linda Smoker for the Give Thanks quilt featured in QUILT, Issue #93.

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Long ago as pioneers headed west, one important commodity to have in every wagon was plenty of warm quilts. Winters were long and cold, and bed covers were very important. It was impossible for the women to set up their quilting frames along the trail, so they devised an ingenious method of piecing and quilting each row one at a time in a manageable size called “Quilt-as-you-go.” Once enough rows were sewn and added, they were joined into a beautiful quilt. 


1. Layer a 45” x 76” piece of backing, right side down, and then the 45” x 76” piece of batting. Pin or baste the layers together.

2. Starting 15″ down from the top of the back/batting pair and 1/2″ in from the side edge, pin (1) 4″ x 42″ brown stripe strip, right side facing up. Sew vertical pumpkin/leaf row #1, right sides together and through all the layers, to the brown stripe strip, as shown. Open and press.

3. Stitch a second 4″ x 42″ brown stripe strip and press open.

4. Continue across the width of the batting/backing, adding vertical rows #2 through#4, alternating with the remaining (3) 4″ x 42″ brown stripe strips to complete the piecing and quilting of the quilt center.

5. In the same manner, add the 14″ x 42″ cream leaf pieces to the top and bottom of the quilt center. Press open.

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