QUILT#84 – Making Memories

Treasured images, transferred to fabric, become heirlooms in a snap!

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Printing on fabric used to be an involved process of mixing chemicals, ironing and days of prep time. Now, all you need are printable fabric sheets (we used Electric Quilt’s Printable Fabric Sheets;, your photographs and an inkjet printer.

The newest printable fabric sheets are quick and easy to use! The fabric is backed with plastic, so it feeds through an inkjet printer just like paper. The fabric is pretreated to produce the highest photo-quality image — many brands don’t even need ironing or chemical setting. The process only takes about 30 minutes and the steps are easy.

Partial Seams

1 Prepare the Image on Your Computer

Scan in an old photo or other image OR your own digital photos or create a design using software.

2 Print

Print your image onto the fabric sheets using an inkjet printer. Fabric sheets feed through the printer just like regular paper. Allow the ink to dry for 15 minutes before peeling away the plastic backing.

3 Soak and Let Dry

Soak in room-temperature water for 10 minutes. Gently rinse. Lay fabric flat to dry.

4 Sew!

If you remember the rubbery feel of ink jet fabric sheets in the past, forget it! Today’s sheets are soft 100% cotton, so they stitch up just like regular fabric. The smooth, tight weave produces a super-sharp image — just like what you’d see on photo paper. In addition to using the images in a quilt, try them for quilt labels, pillows, scrapbooks, tote bags, clothing and more, because they’re washable and dry-cleanable.

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