QUILT#103 – The Lemoyne Star Quilt Block

How to make a traditional eight-pointed beauty

By: Linda Smoker


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“Lemoyne Star” is the name of a traditional quilt design whose earliest known published date is 1911 (according to Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns). The conguration falls into the category of “eight-point/45° diamond stars.” The pattern itself has earlier origins than its published date. Ruth Finley in her book Old Patchwork Quilts and the Women Who Made Them, 1929, states that this particular quilt block was called “Star of Lemoyne”, “Lemoyne Star”, or “Lemon Star” (in New England), and she reveals that the design takes its name from the two LeMoyne brothers who settled Louisiana in 1699.

-Patricia L. Cummings, Quilter’s Muse Virtual Museum,

 **NOTE: The measurements and quantities in these instructions are for the Christmas Cabins quilt on page 84 of QUILT, Issue #103. Use your own measurements when constructing this block for other quilt patterns.

The Lemoyne Star Quilt Block

Cutting on the Diagonal

Using a 45° line on your ruler, trim one end of (3) 2-3/8″ x 42″ red snowake strips at 45° to the long edge, and then cut pieces 2-3/8″ wide to make a total of (20) diamonds. In the same manner, cut a total of (20) diamonds from (3) 2-3/8″ x 42″ green snowake strips.

Sewing a “Y” Seam

Mark the 1/4” seam allowance intersection on the wrong side of each corner with a dot, as shown. When stitching diamonds, triangles, and squares together, be sure to start and end each seam at the dot. Secure the seam by backstitching a couple of stitches at each corner.

Assembling the Lemoyne Star

Sew a green diamond to a red diamond along one side. Aligning the dots, stitch a cream mottled triangle to the top of each diamond pair and a 3-1/8″ cream mottled square to the right side of each diamond pair to make a quarter star section. (Make 20 quarter star sections.)

Sew (2) quarter star sections together, pivoting needle down at each corner to make a half star unit. In the same manner, sew (2) half star units together to complete a Lemoyne Star block. (Make 5 blocks.)

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