Lesson Number 7: Adding a Mitered Border

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Adding a Mitered Border

Extra length in each border strip has been allowed in order to miter corners.  Mark the center on each side of the quilt top.   Mark the center of each border strip.  Pin a border strip to each side, matching the center marks.  Stitch the border strips to the quilt top, being sure to begin, end, and backstitch 1/4” from each corner.

Lay quilt top right side down.  Lay one border over the other, as shown, in a perpendicular fashion.  Using your ruler, draw a diagonal line at a 45˚ angle from the inner to the outer corner, as shown.  

Flip the position of the borders, placing the marked border underneath the other and mark the second border from corner to cormer in the same manner.

Refold the quilt top and pin the borders, right sides together, carefully matching the pencil lines.   Sew on the drawn lines and then backstitch.  Open the seam, press and trim the excess fabric. Repeat these steps for all four corners.

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