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Think Modern!

There’s more to machine quilting than meandering!

Take a fresh look at how to quilt your next project. The modern quilt movement is in full swing, and it’s not just about solid fabrics and wonky blocks; it’s about how you quilt your quilt. Popular machine quilter and author Angela Walters shares some of her favorite continuous-line quilting designs, along with tips on how to stitch them and where to use them, either on a longarm or a domestic machine.

Loop and Double Loops

This beginning design is a lot of loopy fun! It allows you to add fun texture to your quilt. The great thing is that if you work yourself into a corner, you can just loop on out of it.

Wavy Lines

I love a great wavy quilting design. Not only is it easier to quilt than a straight line, it adds a different texture to the quilt and also helps move your eye along the quilt. I don’t try to keep them exactly the same, though; I like the way they look when they don’t match!

Basic Swirl

A basic swirl design is the best place to jump into free-motion quilting. It’s a fairly easy design that is really forgiving! The main thing is to not stress too much about the actual size of the swirl, just enjoy the process!

Figure Eight

Love, love, love this design. Since it uses the edges of the block as a guide, it’s great for filling in irregular shapes. I find that if I try not to overthink the design as I am going, it turns out much better. I just try to let it flow!

Chain Squares

Stunning quilting doesn’t have to be hard! I love quilting concentric square shapes but I hated starting and stopping after each square, so I decided not to do that. Quilting across the design and starting the next square makes quilting this design easy and gives it a whole different look.

Back & Forth

This design falls in the “almost too easy” category. It doesn’t take a lot of explanation, but it’s one of my all-time favorite quilting designs. I love to use it to cover areas with really dense quilting. The contrast that it adds is just amazing!


I love to use this design in a variety of widths. Sometimes I will quilt them long and skinny, while other times, I will quilt them short and wide. They are so versatile; they fit in a number of different sized spaces. The trickiest part with these is turning corners, but other than that, they are easy peasy!

Mod Clamshells

One of my favorite things to do is to take a traditional quilting design and add a little bit of a twist to it! A clamshell meets a little zigzag and the mod clamshell is born. As with all my other designs, I don’t worry about marking them or making them exactly the same, I enjoy
the variations in size.

Circles or Pebbles

Sometimes, to come up with something different all you need to do is to change up the size of the quilting design. Instead of quilting pebbles or small circles all the same size, I like to change the size of the circles. Ranging from really big to small, not only do these circles add a completely different texture, they are fairly quick to quilt!

Wood Grain with Knots

If you have a quilt with a lot of background space and you want to add texture, this design is just the one that you need! I love the way that it moves your eye along the quilt and really makes the quilt shine! One big piece of advice though, use matching thread!

About Angela

Since learning how to quilt from her husband’s grandparents 10 years ago, Angela has been in love with the art of quilting. She purchased her first quilting machine 9 years ago. She has found her niche quilting modern quilts and helping others learn how to adapt their quilting designs for modern quilts. See more of her quilting designs in her book, Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters (Stash Books 2012) and visit her website at

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