Quilts Made Modern

By Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr

After paging through their book, it’s obvious that Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, a wife and husband team, take the ”design” in ”designers” incredibly seriously. The result: Make-able quilts that can truly be termed masterpieces. In today’s quilting world, contemporary quilts seem to fall into two camps: ”quick and easy” and ”art quilts.” There’s no question that the 10 projects in this book are simple to make; but they’re also art. Weeks and Bill put the time into the designs—from pattern to very thoughtful palette/fabric choices to machine quilting patterns—and it shows. These quilts are a step above, and truly an inspirational stepping stone for any quilter, novice and beyond. Best of all, they walk you through the thought process of their designing, opening the door to a new way of thinking. And, like icing on the cake, the photography serves to enhance the flavor and leave you hungry for more.

*C&T Publishing, 2010; 160 pages, softcover, $29.95.