Jelly Babies

By the staff at That Patchwork Place

I admit it—I was drawn to this book at first because of its name. ”Jelly Babies”…how cute is that?! Then I looked at the projects inside and was hooked. Beyond the unarguable convenience and quickness of using precut 2-1/2” strips, this book goes beyond (way beyond) the traditional pink and blue! From brights (paired with white or black!) to primary colors to something in between paired with brown, these 14 baby quilts are a breath of fresh air. No teddy bears, rubber duckies, or baby bonnets in sight. Quilters looking for some contemporary baby quilt ideas will find plenty of inspiration here, as well anyone looking for great jelly roll designs, baby or not.

*Martingale Publishing, 2011; 96 pages, softcover, $24.99