Simple Quilts & Sewing – Spring 2011

As editors, we love our work, especially when it comes to the creative side of selecting simple projects. For many who are new to sewing, starting with an easy project first, such as a pincushion, gives the confidence to try something a little more challenging, such as a baby quilt. But…for those quilters who have been sewing most of their lives, sometimes it is nice to take time out from quilting to whip up a table topper for the kitchen or a pretty tote for a friend!

Regardless of your skills or years behind a sewing machine, we feel certain this issue is packed with projects that will catch your eye and end up on your “sewing list.” And speaking of sewing machines, see how you can win one from Singer.

You’ll be happy to see that the projects in this magazine are so easy that they can be completed in an hour, afternoon or even a long relaxing weekend. We hope you’ll find that the joy of sewing will always be a special (and fun) part of your life!

Deborah Hearn, Editor-in-Chief
Lisa Swenson Ruble, Managing Editor