QUILT – June/July 2011

Dear Friends,

You know what I love about summer—my porches. I can’t think of a better way to start the day than on my front porch. Hearing the birds and smelling the blossoms in the morning coolness just energizes my day. And at noon, lunch on the back porch under the shade of the birch tree is such a refreshing break. Then in the evening, watching the sunset to the harmony of crickets and pond frogs, it’s almost heavenly! You must have guessed by now that I live in the country. But I’m sure no matter where you live, if it’s in the city, country or in between, there are sights, sounds and feelings that cause you to pause and say, “…ahh, it’s summer!”

Those relaxing signs of summer are what we have tried to capture in this issue. Time for picnics, trips to the shore, wilderness outings and bountiful gardens. I hope turning these pages feels like a mini vacation to renew and inspire your love of quilting. My best to you for a time to slow down, read, connect with friends and smell the roses!




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Issue: June/July 11

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