QUILT, Issue #99 – Apr/May 2009

Dear Quilting Friends,

Color is wonderful! Take an otherwise dull-looking room, toss in a bright quilt, and it comes to life. Look through a decorating magazine and you can hardly turn a page without seeing a quilt. Just think how quilters a hundred years ago loved to incorporate splashes of color into their quilts with shades of salmon (bubblegum pink) and hues of lime (poison green)! When I first started to quilt, I was afraid of brights, but today some of my favorite quilts are those on which I ventured outside my zone of color to give my quilt a lively hot spot!

Talking about hot spots, we had a great time of photography on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The Gull Cottage at Corova Beach had some lovely views, great bedroom settings and a unique collection of antique lanterns (visit to see more images). Turn to page 20 to see Playtime for Tiny Tots, a vintage collection of children’s prints with angled building blocks. Stars in My Garden, page 30, is a pretty flannel quilt with a spring-looking palette. Australian Mountains (page 94) uses bold designs outlined with irregular borders to make cool blocks. We are also excited about our earth-friendly tote to celebrate Earth Awareness Day and our sweet framed wall art that celebrates the joys in life! 

Of course there is so much more. If you are up to your elbows in spring cleaning and your sewing room is one that you avoid tackling, read Lisa Swenson Ruble’s anecdote about organizing her space! In Quilting Friends, we also have a spirited story about

the Yo-Yo Ladies and what they are doing to bring happiness to their town and the world of quilting. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you, with its variety of patterns, inspiring stories and rainbow of color!

Deb Hearn

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