QUILT, Issue #97 – Feb/Mar 2009

Dear Quilting Friends,

Isn’t it interesting how a mother can speak without a word being said? It just takes a look or a gesture and a child knows that his mother has spoken! And even though fabrics are wordless, it is amazing how they can talk as well. Not too long ago, I previewed the upcoming fabric collections at International Quilt Market in Houston. I felt like each line I looked at was saying, “Pick me! I will make a great quilt!” 

When I designed quilts for fabric companies years ago, the experience was wonderful; not only working with fabrics that I love, but also an exercise in stretching my creativity with collections that might not be my cup of tea! Let’s face it…we all have our favorites, whether we prefer batiks, retro, or repro. But I’ve grown to really appreciate the strength of them all, especially when placed in just the right quilt design.

And that’s what you’ll find in this issue: stunning fabrics in great designs photographed in the foothills of the Virginia Shennandoah at the historic 1770 William Cox Inn ( Turn the pages to find cute quilts for kids, such as I Spy In My Garden or Everything Nice, or Cottage Romance and Hearts! Hearts! Hearts! for valentine lovers. Looking forward to spring, there’s the Bunny Hop pillow on page 94 and Pocketful of Posies (page 36). We even have a quilt to get started for Mother’s Day called Time for Tea with a bonus tea cozy. Love those batiks? Check out the beautiful Walk on the Beach on page 32. I think you’ll be pleased when you see the great variety of our 17 inspiring patterns!

While at Market, the editorial staff noted the current trends in the quilt industry. Turn to page 64 to read about what’s hot in your quilt shop. In this issue you’ll also learn how to miter scalloped print borders, create fun shaped yo-yos and even make your own chenille. Another one of my favorites is the Quilting Friends feature on page 97. This story is so sweet it will make you smile, reading about children making quilts for children…all around the world!

So enjoy all the inspiration and ideas in this issue and be sure to take time to hear what fabrics may be saying, whether at your local quilt shop or in your very own stash! 

Keep on quilting ~


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