QUILT – June/July 2013

Dear Friends,

Here we are enjoying the first warm, sunny spring days. For those of us in the north, spring is especially welcome. I can attest to that, having moved my home and office twelve hundred miles from Iowa to Pennsylvania in the frosty last days of February. After packing for a week and driving across five states in two days with three cats, I was very happy to see my younger daughter’s smiling face when she met me at my new home. After settling in, the next thing I wanted to do was sew! I guess as quilters, the desire to create is never far away.

I’ve been inspired by the wonderful modern quilts and fabrics I’ve seen lately. Quilters are stretching boundaries and designing quilts like we’ve never seen before. Styles have largely evolved from the rustic dark quilts popular twenty years ago to brighter more graphic and abstract designs. And modern quilters are taking the quilt world by storm! The Modern Quilt Guild, at the epicenter, sponsored the first international modern quilt convention in Austin, Texas in February. A smash hit by all accounts with stunning quilts exhibited and quilters of all ages attending, exhibiting, and clamoring for more! There will be a modern quilt exhibit at International Quilt Market in Houston this October, followed by a ground swell of others planning modern quilt exhibits in 2014.

As always, we know that our readers have diverse styles and preferences. We will continue to choose a variety of different quilts in an effort to provide all of you with projects you’ll love and want to make. Let us know! We appreciate feedback about our content, whether it’s a compliment (we really like those) or a criticism (we take them seriously). Send us a note at

As always, happy quilting!



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