Logan’s Dinosaurs

By: Marvilynne Taylor

Battle Creek, MI

I bought the pre-cut dinosaur pieces from a quilt shop.  I used the pattern to make more dinosaurs. One day I took Logan, he is 2 years old, and we went to the fabric store to pick out a few more prints. The cool thing about the quilt is that it also includes three dinosaur prints leftover from when I had made his dad a shirt and shorts. I still have the shirt!

I staggered the blocks and added the border and it just sorta worked out! I appliqued the dinosaurs, sewed everything together then machine quilted the quilt. I got it done just minutes before the deadline to enter it in the fair and it won first place in the baby/child category.

I sprayed the dinosaurs with basting spray before I appliqued them. Its funny how if you have fabric you don’t like but yet it may look good in a dinosaur pattern! I live in Battle Creek, Michigan and I am a former Home Ec teacher.