Autumn Wreath

By: Julia Scriven

Stockton, CA

I was in the doctor’s a few years ago getting my monthly allergy shot and noticed a copy of your October/November 2010 issue next to me. Being a fairly new and enthusiastic quilter, I looked through it and fell in love with the Autumn Wreath on page 39. Deciding that the magazine was left there by someone, I took it home and make this quilt.

After purchasing the needed fabric etc. I began my project, soon to discover that the leaf template had been removed from the magazine. I contacted Quilt Magazine, most likely through email, and immediately received a response and a faxed copy of the missing template! I have to admit I was very impressed and plan on being a continued subscriber.

I worked on the quilt, because it was going to be for me, when I wasn’t working on something I was making for someone else, that’s why it has taken me so long to reach completion. I had enough fabric left over so I made myself a table runner and a small tabletop for for my 92 year-old mother who also loved the quilt. I ended up using the quilt as a wall hanging and have received lots of comments on it. The runner is ready for this Thanksgiving table setting!

I just want you to know how much I love the Autumn Wreath quilt and the other projects that I made from it, how impressed I am at your quick response to the missing template and I look forward to more projects from your wonderful magazine!