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  • This Little Piggy Goes to Market

    ”This little piggy goes to Market, this little piggy stays home…” When I say this toe-wiggling rhyme to my 7-month-old son, he doesn’t realize that next week I really am going to market…Quilt Market, that is! Next weekend is the fabric industry show in Houston: Fall International Quilt Market. It’s where all the fabric companies, […]

  • A Personal Look

    Being the editor of QUILT Magazine often allows me a personal look inside people’s lives.  I met Leigh Headington at a quilt show while admiring a flag quilt design in their quilt booth.  Several months later Leigh and her two sisters, the Sweet Tea  Girls, created a new version of the flag quilt for the […]

  • A Lesson in Humility

    I spent some time this past weekend trying to assemble a quilt that’s been in the making for at least three years, if not four. The queen-size quilt uses a big block design to showcase a variety of half-yard cuts of Kaffe Fassett fabric I impulsively purchased at Quilt Festival a while back. I loved […]

  • Quilt Giveaway

    About this time every year, I think about quilting for charity. I know summer seems like a random time for that, but I have a good reason. My sister is the special events coordinator for HospiceCare in Madison, Wisconsin, and each fall she organizes a very classy Gala as a fundraiser. Part of this Gala […]

  • First Attempt Quilt

    Dear Friends: I’m so proud to show you a first attempt quilt from one of our very own staff members, Copy Editor Janet Bjugan.  Janet spends many hours quietly proofing our quilt magazines. I’m excited that after seeing pages of quilts she made her first project!   Something I just recently found out about Janet […]

  • The Quilt List

    Do you have a quilt list? Do you keep a record of all the quilts you’ve made, along with photos of each? When I first began quilting, my mom bought me a quilt journal.

  • A Quilting Plateau

    When you quilt, do you choose projects that challenge your current abilities and allow you to learn new techniques? Or do you fall into that comfortable rut of doing an easier project with skills you already know? I’m not knocking the easy project—there are so many quick and simple designs out there, and great fabric […]

  • Jumping on the Binky Brigade

    One of my favorite features in QUILT Magazine is the article called Quilting Friends.  In the next issue of QUILT (Aug/Sept) our Quilting Friends will be featuring the Binky Brigade.  Angela Parker, a military woman and also a young mother, was inspired to start this organization when she noticed how much her little son, Cash, […]

  • 10 Rules about Quilting with a Baby

    I had my first baby about 2 months ago—a sweet little boy named Thomas Jeffrey. Before he was born, I heard all the clichés: ”Your life will never be the same.” ”You’ll won’t believe how much you’ll love him.” And my personal favorite… ”You won’t have free time to do things for yourself anymore.” I won’t […]

  • A Summer Look in the Dead of Winter

    Dear Friends: I think it is always fun to look behind the scenes to see what takes place in a movie or play.  Everything looks so well rehearsed and under control when the curtain rises, but a peek back stage and in the dressing rooms reveals the clutter of props and a crew busy at […]

  • The Evil Lure of ”Cost-Effective” Quilting

    Non quilters never seem to realize that quilting isn’t necessarily an inexpensive hobby. I’ve encountered many people who seem to think that because you can buy a comforter or quilt at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for under $100, that making one should be similarly priced. We know differently. Even if you use only scraps from your stash […]

  • More Quilting Tips

    Dear Quilting Friends: I enjoy creative thoughts from quilters.  These thoughts are not only on quilt designs but also on  ways to make our sewing and sewing rooms more efficient. Carolyn Evans recently wrote to me with this tip to share with you:  If you ever had the binding for your quilt get wrapped around […]

  • A Procrastinator’s Top Ten List

    Sometimes life gets in the way of even the most exciting quilt projects. This past weekend, I finished the top for my baby quilt (yay!), but haven’t gotten up the motivation to work on the other projects for the baby room, even though my due date is fast approaching.  So, in the spirit of my […]

  • Getting the Most From Your Batting

    Dear Quilting Friends: If you are like me, those leftover pieces of batting are too good to toss.  So what can you do with them?  I recently moved and looking for a safe way to transport our dishes the leftover batting provided the perfect solution.  Using my rotary cutter, I quickly cut various size squares […]

  • Show and Tell

    When you finish (or even just make progress) on a quilt, is your first inclination to show it off? I readily admit mine is, so I just have to share the crib quilt I’ve made for my soon-to-be-arriving baby. It’s using Maywood’s Backporch Bouquet collection by Bate & Taylor. I scanned the animal shapes from […]

  • Take Time to Quilt

    With everyone’s busy schedules, it is far too easy for the creative joys in our lives to be squeezed out.  I recently had a conversation with a group of ladies regarding hand quilting.  I must say that my favorite quilts are still those that are hand quilted and unfortunately I feel they are becoming few […]

  • Oh the weather outside is frightful…

    But the fire is so delightful… that’s right, most of the country is getting hit by a bitter cold spell. Which means it’s a perfect opportunity to start a new project! I have Monday off as well, so I’m planning to spend as much of the weekend quilting as possible (and if I don’t leave […]

  • Quilting over the Holidays

      It’s hard to believe the holidays are over, isn’t it? For my husband and me, this year the holidays meant about 2200 miles in the car as we traveled to visit our families. Normally, I start a quilted Christmas gift each year on about Dec. 15th or so, and then stay up much too […]

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