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  • Quilting with a Baby, Take Two

    So baby #2 has arrived (a little boy–Josiah), and I decided to introduce him to the quilting world as early as possible. Two and a half years ago, I brought baby #1 (Thomas) into my sewing studio less than a week after he was born, figuring I’d get him used to it early.

  • Fall is coming!

    As we move from Summer (which has FINALLY ARRIVED in NW Montana) into Fall, Jery & I continue to work on our new cabin. Actually, we’re IN it — though still working on exterior finishing. It’s designed to host small retreats of quilters…

  • In the Closet

    Are you in the quilting closet? Or are any of your friends? When I first started quilting, I was 23. I was a year out of college, living on my own, and needed a hobby to fill all the time I used to spend doing homework…

  • To Quilt Shows We Will Go…

    I love going to quilt shows—the exhibit areas are wonderful for inspiration. The quilts on display motivate me to start a new project, learn a new technique, just play with fabric. And the shopping area of a quilt show—well, it’s pretty obvious why I like it, isn’t it?

  • Handmade vs. Store Bought

    At what point does being a quilter/sewer drive you over the edge of handmade craziness? Back before my son was born two and a half years ago, I really wanted a Vera Bradley diaper bag but ultimately decided to make my own version since the VB bags were so pricey. Of course, I ended up spending at least half as much as the bag cost on fabric, and then there’s the time involved. But it was fun, and I loved being able to choose my own fabrics, so it was worth it!

  • Confessions of a Lazy Quilter

    If I’d been born in the days of template-only and scissors-only quilting (not to mention quilting by hand only!), I might not be a quilter. I love my rotary cutter, rulers, sewing machine and other modern timesavers. I have great appreciation for antique quilts and their makers, as well as incredibly detailed quilts made today, […]

  • When Color Surprises You

    How much time do you spend auditioning fabrics for your quilt? When I buy fabric for a project, I usually have a pretty good idea of which prints/colors are going where in a pattern. But sometimes if I’m not sure, I’ll try it out…

  • Maximizing Your Quilt Shop Visit

    Ah, bliss…I went fabric shopping the other night for the first time since early spring. My stash is so large that I have a hard time justifying buying fabric, but a new nephew merited the purchase of some cute little boy fabric!

  • Vision and True Reality

    I read Lisa’s latest blog about vision not becoming reality and I had to laugh. Not at Lisa, mind you. No, she is talented and creative, and definitely not the object of my amusement. Nope – that would be me….

  • When Vision Doesn’t Become Reality

    I’m the first to admit that often my finished projects don’t quite measure up to the original idea I saw in my mind. I was reminded of this last week while working on the burp cloths and bibs I showed in my last blog entry. (Go ahead, click back to last week’s blog picture and […]

  • Whales & Snails

    One of the (many!) fun things about being a quilt magazine editor is getting a sneak peek at upcoming projects. Lately, it’s been projects for the fall issue of Simple Quilts & Sewing…so many great, fun ideas!

  • July 4th Escape!

    Just the thought of getting to bake in the sun, uninterrupted, for a few days is enough to get me through weeks of 14 hour days, endless stacks of papers to grade, and (of course) bathrooms to clean, clothes to wash and meals to cook (urgh – I think all sewing machines should come equipped with a personal chef – just saying……)

  • It’s a GRAND ‘OLE FLAG….

    It’s a GRAND ‘OLE FLAG — and even more important – to remember those who have fought for our freedoms. My 3-D flag, “Long May She Wave” is proudly hanging right now.

  • Paper Piecing Fun!

    One of my most favorite ways to piece a quilt is to paper piece. I first got hooked on it when I took a class years ago from paper piecing maven, Carol Doak. Loved to learn the technique from her and she is just full of energy. Now I love to sometimes draft my own…

  • And then there’s a time machine…

    How do you carve more time out of a packed day? The most obvious answer is give up sleep, but I’m not willing to do that! Here are some alternatives that I’m putting into practice…

  • Inspired at Home

    Spring Market ended only a month ago, though it seems longer. Amazing. We had a great show – with new patterns inspired by the North Woods where we’re building a cabin…

  • The Most Unusual Place…

    Tuesday night was Stitch N’ Pitch at the Milwaukee Brewers game in Miller Park. I’d heard just a little bit about this event before…you can buy tickets for a special section at the stadium and knit during the game with fellow yarn lovers….

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