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  • Quilting Against the Odds

    When I received what you’ll read below in my email inbox, I just knew I had to share it with our Quilt magazine readers. What a phenomenal story!

  • Post Holiday “Bliss”?

    The holidays are behind us now (gee, it seems like so much more than a month has passed, and yet…..yep, the calendar says a month ago we were knee deep in candy canes and wrapping paper…), and we can all gather a collected breath. Or two.

  • Five Questions with Nancy Rink

    Nancy has won several awards for her quilting. At the 2004 Houston International Quilt Festival, Remembrance of Nanny and Desert Star were both given Honorable Mentions. Also in 2004, Dogtooth Violets earned one of the top awards in the Kaufman Quilt Quest. Most recently, Emerald Spring won a first place in Mixed Techniques at Road to California. She has won awards at other national shows including the Pacific International Quilt Festival, the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, and the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show. And Desert Star, the first place winner in the 2002 From the Mills Contest, was on display at the American Textile History Museum.

  • It’s Time for the Great Stocking Race of 2011

    I’m sure I’m not the only one still working on holiday projects, so I’ve decided to form a (low-key) support group. We can encourage each other, post updates, and hopefully make a big push to the finish. Sew with me!

  • Show and Tell from Quilt Market

    Quilt Market is truly visual overload: aisle after aisle of beautifully decorated booth space, showcasing new fabrics, quilts, patterns and tools. I’ve been to been to 12 markets now, and each one is the same…

  • Quilts aren’t the only things that get passed down…

    So I realize Halloween was last week, but I’d rather share late than never! One of the things I like best about handmade objects is that they are more meaningful than store-bought ones. That goes for quilts, clothing, and…costumes!

  • Quiltanistas flock to Market!

    To market, to market……to see some fat quarters….and fabrics…..and patterns…..and tools. Ah, the drooling is starting already. We (my business partner, Julia LaBauve, and I – of Outside the Line Designs) are heading off to Quilt Market in Houston the last weekend in October.

  • Ode to an Old Sewing Machine

    There’s a special nostalgia about returning to your childhood home. My two sons and I are in the middle of an extended stay with my parents while we work out details of a family move. I’m sleeping in my old bedroom, watching my toddler play with my old toys, and looking in wonder at the evergreens in the backyard that used to be my height and are now five times my height.

  • New Stitches for Market!

    We are enjoying life ‘in’ our new cabin this Fall. I’m busy stitching for Market while Jery continues working at finishing up details. One of the quilts I’m piecing will be featured in Quilt Magazine. It’s called Garden Stars and features the new Covent Garden fabric from Benartex.

  • What Quilt Market Means To Me…

    Every October, I look forward to heading to Houston, TX for International Quilt Market. This is the wholesale market for the quilting industry. There are lots of reasons to look forward to this fabulously wonderful event, but here are a few that are near and dear to my heart:

  • Quilt Covered Pews

    Ninety-three—that’s an impressive number, isn’t it? A group of about ten ladies made these quilts, which are for the most part rows of 10” squares, then backed and tied. And equally impressive is the fact that they were made completely with donated fabric.

  • Quilting in the New York Times

    We love it when quilting (or a quilt shop) receives well-deserved press coverage from mainstream media. And, even better when it’s a neighbor! That’s right, Quilt magazine’s main offices are just a short walk (hello, lunch hour shopping!) from the City Quilter, a well-stocked resource…

  • Dream Projects

    I’ve been sorting through my studio, organizing fabrics and half-finished projects and all that fun stuff. I came across a couple bags holding projects I’d planned to do but haven’t actually started. Here’s my list of dream projects…

  • Looking at Embroidery in a New Light

    This week, my topic is embroidery, because I feel like it comes with a different set of preconceived notions than quilting. Here’s what got me thinking…

  • Inspired by Kaffe Fassett

    While attending my first Houston Quilt Market, I wandered into a booth selling all of Kaffe Fassett’s fabrics. I must have visited that booth six times in two days before finally getting the courage to purchase fabric…

  • The Rip-It-Out Quilt

    I have FINALLY finished piecing a quilt top that I’m going to lovingly call the ”rip-it-out” quilt. I think everyone has one of those…a quilt where you feel that you used a seam ripper as much as you used a sewing machine…

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