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  • Finish me, please!

    What’s your oldest project? The one that keeps saying to you, “finish me, please!” Let’s inspire each other to finish our UFOs.

  • Spring ahead!

    Spring has truly sprung in some parts of the country and thanks to Quilt I had the good fortune to spend last week in one of those glorious locations.

  • Create an attitude of positive rather than negative

    I’ll admit it – a few of my goals have already succumbed to the old routine, and the new routine. I did try though – instead of resolutions, I named them goals – something to strive for, something to work on, improve.

  • Rich and Romantic: Silk!

    It seems that almost every quilter has a secret, or not-so-secret, yearning to play around with silk. Sure, we love cotton, and we hope it never, ever goes away, but silk has a special allure, with its amazing range of weight, texture, and color.

  • AQS presents…Tentmakers of Cairo

    The AQS debuted 40 new works commissioned specifically for this event and handcrafted by the men of the Chareh El – Khiamia (Market of the Tentmakers) in Cairo, Egypt.

  • Comfort Wrapped in a Quilt

    Is there anyone in your circle of family and friends who would love to wrap up in a verse of comfort?

  • Pets and Quilts

    I always find it fascinating that whenever I am sewing or quilting or binding, the quilts or fabric act as a magnet for my cats! It really is uncanny. I love having them around me, but sometimes, honestly it hinders my progress.

  • A Perfect Saturday

    Shopping, lunch and an art exhibit all under one roof? Now that’s what I call a perfect a way to pass a rainy Saturday.

  • Quilt-in-a-Weekend Frenzy!

    If you have been quilting for years, share your knowledge and skills with someone you know…and don’t forget to keep a basket of chocolate beside each sewing machine!

  • Moving!

    Here’s hoping you have a wonderful stash of fabric and that you don’t have to move it! Oh, my. I moved a week ago, and did I ever underestimate! Fabric is heavy!

  • Quilting for a Cause

    Recently I had the honor to help spread a little love, hope and encouragement sent from the quilting world to my fellow New Yorkers who are still suffering the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy.

  • Where did the first of the year go?

    There is something exciting, invigorating even, about new beginnings. Maybe that’s why New Year’s resolutions capture our fancy and inspire us to list lofty goals – goals that quickly gather dust and get lost in the corners of our busy lives.

  • Therapeutic Sewing

    Most of you know of the very tragic happenings here in my home state of Connecticut. While I have had a very difficult time wrapping my mind around how something so senseless could happen, I have looked to sewing for some therapy.

  • Thanksgiving Quilt Market Report

    This Quilt Market presented new fabrics and patterns and tools – and like always, provided the bi-annual opportunity to renew distance acquaintances and friendships – but it also reminded us of what is really, truly important, each and every day.

  • Memories Captured in Your Stitches!

    What inspires you? A favorite book? Your garden? A certain song? I’ll bet there’s a bit of some of your favorite inspirations captured in your projects.

  • Houston Market Quilting!

    One of the new patterns we have for Fall Market is Trellis. It features an incredible new collection from Benartex called Somerset.

  • A thought…..

    Take a moment, feel the sun on your face, hear the breeze blow through the trees, fondle a fabric or two, and share with someone what you’re grateful for!

  • My Vintage Draped Tent

    Isn’t that the point of pretty things, soft linens, brightly embroidered napkins – that they don’t necessarily have a necessity of purpose, but rather that they exist just to please the eye, to lighten the spirit.

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