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  • Traveling to Quilt and Teach

    One of the things that I love to do is meet other quilters. So I pack my bags and go!!! The best part of this is meeting some really wonderfully talented people.

  • Where Did Summer Go?

    Where did summer go? Officially, at least here in the south, school is starting. Which means summer is pretty much over. Oh, the days are still hot and muggy. The nights are still a bit shorter, and resonate with the chirp of crickets and (for those of us lucky enough) the rough music of the tree frogs. But long lazy days at the pool, playing in the park, hiking over trails – those are gone.

  • July 4th Reflection

    On the heels of our nation’s 237th anniversary, I would like to say thank you to all service people, active and retired, for your sacrifice, dedication, and commitment. Job well done. Please keep up the good work.

  • Starting Young

    The first-of-many beautiful quilt projects from who I hope will be the next great quilt designer of the 21st century!

  • Long Weekend

    It had been about a year since I used a long-arm machine. It all came back to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

  • “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…”

    Christmas may be six months away – but it is right around the corner in many aspects. Especially for a quilter – and especially for those of us that love to share our work with others. Those little (or big) beauties take time.

  • Reporting in from Portland

    I’m back from Quilt Market, and the sensory overload is finally dissipating. Finally. It’s easy to become overwhelmed at Market. With over 500 vendors, and virtually anything associated with quilting represented – well, you can imagine. I wasn’t quite drooling (ok, well – maybe just a bit, but I kept the drool off the quilts and fabrics – promise!)

  • Spring Quilt Market, Portland Oregon

    What a great time! Everyone loved Portland and vows to return with time-to-spend roaming and shopping. I met a million people (or two) and this is some of what I saw.

  • To do or not to do!

    Ahh a long, holiday weekend, I can’t wait! If you’re anything like me your to-do list might be split with between work and pleasure.

  • Creating – Chaos or Control?

    As quilters, we create – we create tangible evidence of our love and affection for those around us, we create lasting objects of beauty and art, we create as we explore position of pattern, texture and color.

  • Creative Weekend

    Creative people just need to be with other creative people! Share your favorite activities with your best friends, it’s even more fun.

  • Design Studio – still in progress!

    Part of the fun of my studio renovation has been searching out other studio ideas and seeing how others organize and work. So what inspires you? How do you keep/use your inspiration pictures and items?

  • Read All About Them: Bookshelf Quilts

    When I first saw a quilt in the form of a bookshelf, I was fascinated. They’re sometimes called Bookshelf Quilts, sometimes Library Quilts, and like most quilts, are built up of colorful blocks – and sometimes embellishments as well.

  • Be Strong!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone directly and indirectly affected by the tragic events in Boston and West, Texas. Be strong!

  • The Quilt Show Scene

    For me it is officially quilt show season! What types of quilts attract you at a show? Pieced, appliqué, a combination of both, machine quilting, hand quilting?

  • Spring cleaning….quilt style!

    What does springtime do for you? Do you abandon the sewing room in favor of warm earth and perky plants? Do you, like me, have a quilty version of spring cleaning?

  • My “Woman Cave”

    My sewing machine set in place and all of my beautiful fabric stash. I love having my own sewing space! Do you have a “Woman Cave”?

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