Where did the first of the year go?

There is something exciting, invigorating even, about new beginnings.  Maybe that’s why New Year’s resolutions capture our fancy and inspire us to list lofty goals – goals that quickly gather dust and get lost in the corners of our busy lives.  I’ll admit it – a few of my goals have already succumbed to the old routine, and the new routine.  I did try though – instead of resolutions, I named them goals – something to strive for, something to work on, improve.  I read (because that’s what the nerdy, geeky side of me demands – research, read up on things, prepare….) and followed expert and non-expert, but experienced, advice.  I made my goals specific – not just “lose weight” but “lose that last 15 pounds”.  Not just “work out” but “work out four days a week”.  Not just “blog more” but “write at least one new blog per week (gesh, that sounds super weak, right?!”).  And – and I am SUPER excited about this – I adopted (ala Ali Edwards) my “one word” for the year.

So how am I doing?  Welllll……I do work out – sometimes.  And I’ve been thinking about this blog post for, um, a few weeks now.  Notice I said naddah about the whole 15 pound thing.  Yeah, well….

But….I am moving along on creating a new studio – super duper excited about that!  So I’m doing so-so with my “one word”, which, by the way, is CREATE.  As in Create a new sense of self worth, Create a functioning working environment to CREATE in (kinda a double whammy there!), Create an attitude of positive rather than negative…… The whole new studio process has been ongoing for more than a month.  I thought about it, and hubby and I discussed it for months.  Then we finally took the plunge and started.  And like many renovations, it has taken on a life of its own.  But in the end it will be terrific.  I’ll have a dedicated design wall, and multiple cutting areas.  Focused lighting. More storage space. And I’ll share with you some of the progress, as I’ve been taking pictures and documented the steps as  I go.

But I looked at the calendar and realized – Oh My Gosh – it is the end of February!  Really?  Where did the first of the year go?  It seems like just yesterday I was making up my resolutions goals list, and we were picking out paint colors.  Now it’s almost spring – yikes!  Almost time for taxes – and bathing suit season (urgh!).  Well, on the positive side (see, I can work on some of those goals!), I have made progress.  I am living each day – or at least making an honest attempt most of the time – and enjoying life.  And I revisit that list and dust off a few of the goals – and start again.  See – it’s almost like 12 new beginnings a year!

What about you?  What goals did you make for yourself this year?  How are you doing with that goal list?  Did you choose a word to focus on this year?  What is it?

Tammy Silvers

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