What does springtime do for you?

Ah, spring in the south.  The warm breezes, the buzzing bees, the beautiful blooms – and the pollen.  If you haven’t experienced the phenomenon of Atlanta pollen, well c’mon down and revel in inches (ok, you think I’m joking, but no…..) of lovely yellow, gritty, eye-burning, nose clogging pollen.  Come to spring in Atlanta where springtime means everyone has the same color car – yellow (which makes it interesting coming out of the mall.  I’m no longer embarrassed when trying to open a car door, only to discover ‘wait, that’s not MY car!’).

Spring naturally brightens my quilting mood, making me think of warm sunny colors that mimic those outside – the buttery yellow of the daffodils, the warm pinks and peaches of the azaleas, the rosy reds of the camellias (actually a winter bloom, but if spring is timed just right – like this year – you get camellias and azaleas and spring bulbs all at the same time!), even the periwinkle blues of vinca.  Energized by longer days, warmer temperatures, and bright skies, and inspired by the traditional “spring cleaning” (have you ever wondered what it is about spring that makes us want to dust out all the cobwebs of winter, and spic and span every surface until it gleams????), I try to multi-task: clean up the sewing room by stitching up small projects that sing with springtime cheer AND use up those piles of scraps that I just couldn’t part with.

Remember my earlier post about my unsuccessful attempts at actually parting with fabrics I’m not using?  Yeah – that hasn’t changed.  But in the spring – ah, in the spring, moved by Persephone, I can make those piles of bright strips and pieces into table runners and place mats and little bits of wall art that bring spring to the inside of my house as well (besides, the pollen must be obeyed – it says to me “go quilt – and so I do!”).  What does springtime do for you?  Do you abandon the sewing room in favor of warm earth and perky plants? Do you explore the outdoors, soaking in the sun and soft breezes?  Do you, like me, have a quilty version of spring cleaning – maybe finishing up lingering projects, binding those last few quilts from the winter?  What’s your spring ritual?

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