To Quilt Shows We Will Go…

Our recent website poll question asked about visiting quilt-related destinations while traveling. That got me thinking about quilt shows. Sadly, I haven’t been to one in a while (something that my wallet thanks me for!).

I love going to quilt shows—the exhibit areas are wonderful for inspiration. The quilts on display motivate me to start a new project, learn a new technique, just play with fabric. And the shopping area of a quilt show—well, it’s pretty obvious why I like it, isn’t it? It’s like going to one huge quilt shop, full of patterns, ready-to-go fabric kits and packs, and cool new gadgets. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

It’s also fun to people watch at quilt shows. I get a kick out of matching outfits, hats, handmade vests or purses, and the t-shirts. One year, at the beginning of the sew-your-own-tote craze, I decided to count all the handmade bags I saw while working a booth. I think in three days the number was nearing triple digits.

And the t-shirts…I couldn’t think of many of the funny sayings off the top of my head, so I popped onto to share a few they offer on t-shirts:

A fat quarter is NOT a body part

The quilter’s diet: 0 carbs, lots of fiber

Born to quilt; forced to work

If I stitch fast enough…does it count as exercise?

Don’t fear the ripper

My sewing machine is smarter than your honor student

Cooking & cleaning are for those who haven’t discovered quilting yet

She who dies with the most fabric wins!

I leave you with two questions:

1. What’s your favorite quilt show to attend?

2. Favorite t-shirt slogan?

Answer both questions, either in the comments section below or on our Facebook page, and we’ll randomly select one respondent to win a pack of fat quarters.

Lisa Swenson Ruble

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