Quilting with a Baby, Take Two

So baby #2 has arrived (a little boy–Josiah), and I decided to introduce him to the quilting world as early as possible. Two and a half years ago, I brought baby #1 (Thomas) into my sewing studio less than a week after he was born, figuring I’d get him used to it early. Thomas was not a huge fan of my studio. Well, that’s not exactly true—he loves pushing buttons on the sewing machine, trying to get his hands on scissors and rotary cutters…if it’s dangerous or expensive and in my room, it catches his eye. And lately, he’s been intrigued with my rulers, using them to measure his feet (see photo below). But the other problem was that Thomas was not a huge fan of having to share my attention with something else. For the last two years or so, any sewing I’ve done has been during naptime or after bedtime.

I needed to try another approach with this new little one to get him started on the right path. So…when he was about a week old, I took him to a quilt shop to buy some fabric.** Shortly after we walked in the door, a few ladies oohed and aahed over Josiah and then scolded me for taking him out in public before he was a month old. So if that was your initial reaction, rest assured, I’ve been advised.

He was tucked away in a sling, cozy as could be, while I perused the aisles and mom helped me choose fabric for five different Christmas stockings. Mission accomplished! I’ve decided to take his contentedness in the quilt shop as a sign that he’ll be on board with the quilting world, and not just that he’s only a week old and only cares about sleeping and eating at this point. We’ll see how long that keeps up…

**My biggest motivation for going fabric shopping with a newborn was that my mom was in town, and I needed to purchase some fabric for Christmas stockings. We don’t get to shop together that often, and I wanted her opinion on what to buy. Since the baby isn’t on a feeding schedule yet, he got dragged along.

Lisa Swenson Ruble

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