Paper Piecing Fun!

One of my most favorite ways to piece a quilt is to paper piece. I first got hooked on it when I took a class years ago from paper piecing maven, Carol Doak. Loved to learn the technique from her and she is just full of energy. Now I love to sometimes draft my own, but I am also a total Judy Niemeyer fan too. Having recently taken yet another class from her, I am reinvigorated to piece!!

Some of the things that I love about paper piecing is the accuracy that you get. There is really no wiggle room for error. If you can sew on the line you will have a perfect piece every time! How cool is that? The only drawback to paper piecing is ripping the paper off when you are done.

When drafting my own, I use a newspaper weight paper or the paper that comes on the roll that you can find at the big box hardware stores. It is brown and comes in widths of 12” or 18” for a low price of around $4.00 or so for an unlimited supply!! There are also newspaper weight paper sheets that you can feed into any printer that are available through your local quilt shop too. This way you can make multiple copies. Judy Niemeyer patterns have all the papers that you need pre-printed.

Once you get going there is a definite rhythm to it and you get spectacular results. My advice about paper piecing, if you haven’t tried it definitely do so, but begin with something easy.

Have you ever tried to paper piece? What is your favorite type of piecing?

Jackie Kunkel

Canton Village Quilt Works

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