Merry Christmas Quilting Friends!

As a family tradition, every year our family of six  would go to a tree farm to find the perfect Christmas tree. When walking around the farm, we would mark several tree tops with our wool caps and then we would take a family vote before cutting down a tree.  After we chopped it down,  a family member in jest would say, “is it fresh?” We noticed, however, that each year during the holidays my husband, Dan, would get sick. We discovered that he was allergic to fresh pine. So even though our first choice would be a real tree, we converted to an artificial one.

Because of a move and building a home, we’ve been in transition the last two years with many of our belongings in storage.  As we pulled out the Christmas tree this year, it was missing a critical piece…the very top. I’m glad to tell you that it was found in a box with our beach gear.  How it got there, who knows! Another misplaced item was the tree skirt, but being one who loves to solve problems, I used an old quilt to place at the base of our tree….and it looks beautiful!

Wishing all my quilting friends a very blessed Christmas and a joy filled New Year!



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