Memories Captured in Your Stitches!

I love all the seasons.  Really, I do.  But it is saying goodbye to each one that is the painful process.  I know, I know.  I should be tired of the long, hot days that summer brings.  But I’m not.  Will I enjoy the crisp mornings, the cool afternoons, and the amazing blue skies that accompany fall?  Naturally.  But giving up the seemingly endless days of summer and the leisure they imply – well, that’s tough.  It will be the same with fall, winter, and spring.  So as I am readying the deck for the threat of frost, and moving the tender vegetation under cover, or even inside, I am startled to notice the plethora of purple I surrounded myself with.

Apparently this spring I was in a purple frame of mind.  It wasn’t intentional.  It certainly wasn’t planned.  I wanted a variety of basils – I adore basil on almost everything (I even discovered basil lemonade last year in Houston – hey, don’t knock it until you try it.  Yes, it looks like liquid grass, but it tastes like liquid sunshine!).  So I started off with big leaf basil, variegated basil, globe basil, cinnamon basil, and purple basil.  I also love coleus – they favor partial to full shade, have lovely colors, and are very easy to grow.  Yes, there is the standard green variegated coleus, with white or yellow tinging the veins.  But coleus is also – you know it! – everything from leaves veined with a burgandy, leaning toward purple, to purple and green leaves, to a rich, velvety purple alone.  Even the potato vine I planted this year was – yep – purple.  It’s no wonder that many of the projects I have rolling around in my head are tinged with purple. No surprise either that leaves and vines and voluptuous blooms are bursting from my design board to my quilt projects.  And of course, green is a constant.

What color better represents life, renewal, mother earth?  It’s a natural companion to purple – you almost can’t have one without the other.  This summer will remain with me for years to come with every glance at this pillow and that throw that have the elegant dark purple shade found in the purple basil I lunched on.  The warm sunny days will be captured in those sweet curves of spunky lavender on that pillow, reminiscent of the pots spilling over with petunias.

And now I’m looking around to see what color or shape has been creeping into my subconscious this fall…..I guess I’ll see when I start working on new projects!  What inspires you?  A favorite book?  Your garden?  A certain song?  I’ll bet there’s a bit of some of your favorite inspirations captured in your projects.  Once you start looking, you’ll probably find many fond memories captured in your stitches!

Tammy Silvers

Outside the Line Designs,

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