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We went to Kansas City, Kansas City……well, you get the idea.  Fabric companies, pattern companies, publishers and of course quilt shop owners all descended on the famed Kansas City to see what was new in the quilting world.  And what did they find?  Gorgeous fabrics – of course.  Fabulously clever books (you know – the ones that make you say “oh, I wish I’d thought of that!).  Must have products and tools to make quilting even faster and easier.  The predominant theme, no surprise here, was modern – modern quilts, modern products, modern books.  Books titles ranged from Modern Quilting Designs (so clever, so fresh) to Modern Blocks to Modern Patchwork.  Solid fabrics continue to dominate, and there were even “cheater style” prints, just in case you’re in a hurry for that modern look!

Two of my personal favs – product wise – would have to be the Thimble Dimple from Colonial Needle (and I’ve always been a fan of their needles – ask any of my quilting students!) and Inn-Spire Plus.  While I realize that hand sewing is a dirty word (ok – its two words……), and yes, I’ve washed my mouth out, but it has to be said – hand sewing – it also has to be done.  Maybe I’m claustrophobic, maybe I’m just a control freak, but I never have any luck with wearing a thimble when I’m on a bind-a-thon, which is pretty much the extent of my hand sewing now.  And then my poor fingers pay the price.  But those clever folks at Colonial Needle came up with the Thimble Dimple.  It’s a little bitty silver disk that sticks to the tip of your finger (just don’t put on hand lotion before sticking it on – ask me how I know!).  The adhesive pads are reusable and replaceable.  And they have the dimple, a smooth disk, and even one with lots of little dimples on it – something for every stitching style.  My fingers are breathing a sigh of relief!

The Inn-spire Plus is a double sided fusible, moldable non-woven stiff material.  And now its double sided fusible!  So cover it with your favorite fabrics, heat and mold into whatever shape desired.  Innovative Craft Products has done it again!  I loved the Inn-spire when it came out, but it didn’t have the fusible aspect.  Now it does – one less step in creating dimensional projects.  Oh the ideas that abound!!!  Truly “inn-spired”!  (Ha – heavy knee slapper moment – I know, I know!)

As always, Quilt Market had the latest and greatest products, fabrics, books and patterns the quilting industry has to offer.  There really was something for everyone.  But….and I looked, trust me……nothing that would cook dinner, wash clothes, or clean the house while you quilt.  Sigh……I live in hope.

Tammy Silvers

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