Love Those Silks

Within the past year or two, I have begun developing a little bit of a silk stash. It started when my brother and his wife were living in China and I became the recipient of some lovely silks. The first ones are printed like the ones you might see in kimonos. Just gorgeous!! These may end up in a a
crazy quilt. Then I began to collect the silk dupioni’s. I can’t tell you how much I love them.

Yes, silks do fray an unbelievable amount. But that is easily remedied by using a very lightweight fusible interfacing for stabilization. This drastically cuts down on the fraying before cutting. Then they become a dream to piece into a quilt.

You can see some of recent silk acquisitions here:

I am not much of a blue person and have very little in my stash, but couldn’t resist these wonderful Caribbean colors. They take me to a much warmer place. Here is a photo of my tessellating pinwheels done all in silk dupioni. It is reminiscent of Amish colors, but the silk gives it a more elegant feel.

So if you haven’t tried using silks yet, you should give it a go! I know that you will love them. But don’t forget that lightweight fusible interfacing, you will be glad that you did!! I would love to hear about your silk projects, if you have worked on any. So go ahead and leave me a comment!!


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