It’s A Breeze

When designing a quilt for Quilt Magazine, it sometimes is planned for a while and sometimes on the spur of the moment.  My most recent design for Quilt Magazine, I had  made quite a while ago and couldn’t wait to get started.  The design went with us to Quilt Market Fall 2011 and Deb Hearn and her fabulous team met with Island Batik and they picked up my design.

Batik fabrics were chosen, then I needed to provide them with yardage amounts.  The yardage amounts were sent to Island Batik and the fabrics were sent onto me.  Let the fun begin!!!

This was one design that I could not wait to see growing and coming together.  So, wait no longer… with a nice sharp rotary blade in hand, I made that first cut into the fabrics!  Oh, did that feel good.  Then came the first stitches, that felt even better!  Everything kept coming together and my excitement was peaking.  The geese were made the quarter square triangles, the sashing… everything was laying out so nicely.

Now to join all the segments… oh what fun I had.  The quilt top was now together and just so nice and bright and shiny new.  Backing was pieced and ready to throw onto the long arm.  I knew I would use a variegated thread that would play so nicely with these fabulous batiks.  A little custom quilting will do the trick. I was right, the thread really complimented the batiks to a “T” and made the custom motifs just shine… looooooving it!

Now to bind it.  I just knew it had to be HOT pink for the binding. One of the geese fabrics were brought out to the binding and framed it up just right.  The final quilt, so aptly named by the Quilt Magazine team, Island Breeze.  I boxed it up and sent it off to Deb and they took my quilt on the best photo shoot ever!  To the beach… oh to have been there with it, a girl can dream can’t she??

I was in shock and soooo honored when I was told the quilt made the cover!  Do you believe it????…. my quilt!  Wow, that was the best day ever.  I was happy dancing all around the house, my family was tickled too.  Then a week later it arrived… the actual magazine, in the flesh… so to speak!  What a sight… the cover, just gorgeous!  I can’t thank the team at Quilt Magazine enough for allowing me to contribute this very special design (to me) to your publication.  Thank you, thank you!!

Not only did it make the cover, but they also have a line drawing available on their site that you can download as a PDF to fill in your own colors.  How cool is that?  Also, you can purchase the kit to make this fabulous quilt in my online shop, Canton Village Quilt Works.

Thank you for allowing me to drone on and on, but I just can’t contain my excitement!  Now, if you haven’t seen the quilt, enjoy the following photos.  Tell me your thoughts on Island Breeze… Are you as excited as I am??

Jackie Kunkel

Canton Village Quilt Works

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