Five Questions with Pamela Goecke Dinndorf of Aardvark Quilts

Recently, Quilt talked to Pam Dinndorf, who designed Autumn Blaze, the cover quilt for the October-November issue.

QUILT: How did you come up with this pattern?

PD: I have always been obsessed with stripes and their limitless potential. I wanted to create a quilt using nothing but stripes exploiting that potential. I collected stripes with as much variety as possible, i.e., various widths, evenly spaced stripes, two-colored stripes, multi-colored stripes, bold stripes, subtle stripes, etc., and played around with the dynamic combinations.

QUILT: How did you decide the color palette and then the color placement for the blocks in this quilt?

PD: It was a 2-step process. The color palette was very broad and simply any colors that I was drawn to. The individual block palette was determined by auditioning different hues and seeing how well they read together. Sometimes I combined like or analogous hues, while other times I was exploring unexpected partners. Once all blocks were completed, I laid the blocks out on a design wall and tweaked them until I achieved a “selective random” arrangement that considered value, hue, and pattern of stripe to create the illusion of various planes near and far away.

QUILT: What do you like best about the stripes you used and why did they work well for this quilt?

PD: All of the striped fabric is by Kaffe Fassett from Westminster Fibers. I was drawn to the rich colors and the great variety and rhythm in the pattern of the stripes.

QUILT: How was the machine quilting chosen for this quilt?

PD: Due to the highly graphic nature of the fabrics, the quilt didn’t need the quilting to be an additional design element so I chose to enhance the piecing only by quilting “next to the ditch.”

QUILT: What is your favorite thing about this quilt?

PD: That would have to be the illusion of different planes created by the placement of value and hue.

Deb Hearn, Editor-in-Chief

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