Five Questions with Nancy Rink

Recently, Quilt talked to Nancy Rink, who designed “Fruit Slices”, the cover quilt for the August-September issue.

QUILT: How did you come up with this pattern?

NR: I began knowing that I was going to be designing a pattern for Art Gallery Fabrics. Because I’d previously designed several patterns for Patricia Bravo, the creative force behind Art Gallery Fabrics, I knew that her fabrics often feature large-scale prints and florals.  With that in mind, I began tinkering with designs that had large pieces that would show off Pat’s fabrics.

QUILT: How did you decide the color palette and then the color placement for the blocks in this quilt?

NR: The color palette came directly from Patricia.  She envisioned something “scrappy in pinks and greens.”  She encouraged me to pull from multiple collections, which I did.  And I went beyond the pink boundary, pushing some of the colors toward orange and others toward red.  I played around with mixing the two color families.  But when I saw the swatch of the multicolor stripe, I knew immediately that it would be the unifying element.  Once, I’d settled on using the stripe, the design just seemed to fall in place and it seemed right to separate the greens from the pink/coral/peach/fuchsia fabrics.

QUILT: How was the machine quilting chosen for this quilt?

NR: I think it chose me!  The quilt seemed to call for an all-over contemporary design.  I doodled a couple of ideas on my white board, and the design you see was one of them.  I played with it a little, just to see how I’d move from one motif to the next.  Then I fired up the longarm and got down to business!

QUILT: What is your favorite thing about this quilt?

NR: The stripe—it was THE perfect find.  And doesn’t it look great as a binding?  I love using stripes as bindings, and often use them on the bias.  I thought about a bias binding for this quilt, but it fought against the stripe in the body of the quilt.

QUILT: Anything else you want to tell our readers about this quilt?

NR: I want to thank my dear friend, Eve Hall, who helped me out with this quilt.  I was vending at a show and had brought all the fabric and my quilt plan with me to work on.  But the show was so busy, I never had any time to work on it.  Eve stopped by my booth to see if I needed anything before she left.  I jokingly said, “Yes, how about making a quilt?”  The next thing I knew, the box of fabric was in her hand and she was out the door.  She did all of the cutting, and most of the sewing.  What a kind friend!

Deb Hearn, Editor-in-Chief

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