Five Questions with Kaye England

Recently, Quilt magazine spoke with designer Kaye England, whose ”Star Light” quilt graces the cover of our June-July issue.

QUILT: How did you decide to use this star/log cabin pattern?

KE: When you have this many light prints, a Log Cabin design always seems to work well. I thought putting the stars in the middle would help to showcase the fabrics better.

QUILT: What do you like best about the Basically Kaye Shirtings collection?

KE: I like the variety of values in the lights and the characters they bring to any quilt.

QUILT: Why does the Basically Kaye Shirtings fabric work well for this pattern?

KE: The pattern and texture of this collection is a win-win with this style of quilt because the small prints work well with the small pieces.

QUILT: How was the machine quilting chosen for ”Star Light”?

KE: My long arm quilter, Cathy Franks, always chooses what she feels is the best pattern for the quilt.

QUILT: What is your favorite thing about ”Star Light”?

KE: I just like the overall appearance of the quilt as it reminds me of the early quiltmakers’ style.

Deb Hearn, Editor-in-Chief

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