First Attempt Quilt

Dear Friends:

I’m so proud to show you a first attempt quilt from one of our very own staff members, Copy Editor Janet Bjugan.  Janet spends many hours quietly proofing our quilt magazines. I’m excited that after seeing pages of quilts she made her first project!   Something I just recently found out about Janet is that she has an art school background so it is was intriguing for me to think about her creative side and how many quilts she may have designed in her head. This wonderful pattern just couldn’t be contained and burst forth in this rich design.  Below is a picture of Janet’s first quilt as she tells us about the process.  Way to go Janet!


“After years of reading about making quilts, I decided to try my hand. After all, I have quiltingmaking in my genes; it should come naturally to me. Not so. This is my first attempt, and although I’m very happy with the LOOK of it, there are very few corners that meet and a couple of imperfections. The sashings are Chinese Coins, which I love, and were a challenge for a first-timer. Designs on the black squares and on the back are hand printed with fabric paint, rubber stamps and wood blocks. The finished quilt was tied off with doubled black embroidery thread at each corner of the black printed squares. The printing was a lot of fun, and I intend to do much more painting and dyeing of fabric; that is, after I finish my half-done second quilt!”

-Janet Bjugan


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