Dream Projects

I’ve been sorting through my studio, organizing fabrics and half-finished projects and all that fun stuff. I came across a couple bags holding projects I’d planned to do but haven’t actually started. Here’s my list of dream projects, listed in order of the likelihood of getting them finished. If I had 8 hours a day to quilt, I know I’d get more done…but I haven’t yet found someone to pay me to quilt for myself…just to edit a quilting magazine!

1. Stockings for my two boys (I would love to finish for Christmas 2011, but I think 2012 is more likely)

2. A tree skirt (This has jumped up on the list because I’ve finally found a pattern I want to use)

3. A plaid flannel snowman quilt (This will go together quickly, as it’s simple strips with a snowman appliquéd on top. Just hard to justify it before the stockings, at least)

4. A new quilt for our master bedroom (One-quarter of the blocks are pieced. Then life got in the way. Now I’m less interested in the fabric and would rather find someone to give it to.)

5. Two charity children’s quilts (I just need to piece the blocks together and find someone to quilt them for free or inexpensively)

6. My New York Beauty block of the month (1 hour per block; 12 or so blocks done, 18 to go. Plus assembly and a very intricate pieced border…gulp!)

7. A landscape wall hanging of my husband rock climbing. (I recreated the image using colored pencil and pastels, and then bought gorgeous batiks—planning a raw edge applique sunrise streaked sky, and then jagged pieced sections for the rocks, with a black silhouette of the climber appliquéd on top. The idea’s all there, as is the fabric…)

8. A wonky pieced table runner made from a collection of jewel-tone silk fat quarters I’ve had for 4 or 5 years (Not sure why I haven’t done this yet…maybe I’m a bit nervous about working with silk!)

9. A quilt (likely a landscape quilt) to hang in a show (this is more of a goal—nothing specific in mind yet)

10. Adorable twin bed quilts for my two boys (I have some time here…one is in a ”big boy” bed, but the newborn has a ways to go. I’m not sure if they’ll be sharing a room as they get older or not, so I’m not looking to start anything yet. But it sure is something to look forward to!)

I’m sure this list could go on, but 10 seems like a good, round number for dream projects—when I cross some off the list, then I can add more on! What about you?

What are your dream projects? What do you need to help you get started on them?

Lisa Swenson Ruble

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