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I always love to know what my readers are doing and so it was a very pleasant surprise to learn about the ladies of the Country Piecemakers Quilt Guild in Powhatan, VA.  Being inspired by a  Aug/Sept 2007 Quilting Friends article regarding a Paint Can Challenge in a NY Guild, the ladies of the VA Guide had a great idea!  They created a challenge called “If I Were A Flower.” Using Paint chips from their local paint store and fabrics from a nearby quilt shop they were to make a quilt to represent who they would be if they were a flower.

Read and see all the details of the challenge.  Enjoy your indoor flower show!



“If I Were A Flower” Challenge

“Flowers are a girl’s best friend”.  It may have once been diamonds, but as members of the Country Piecemakers Quilt Guild in Powhatan, Virginia will attest, flowers have now replaced diamonds as their “new best friends.”

“If I Were A Flower” challenged its members on several fronts. Project coordinator, Donna Rubis, asked the membership: “if you were a flower, what would you be?” In order for everyone to answer that question, they had to go in search of 1. A flower design that represented their vision. 2. A visit to their local paint store for paint chips whose names began with the same letters as the members’ first, middle, and last name initials. 3. Fabric from their nearby quilt shop whose colors matched those paint chips. The fabrics could be prints, solids, stripes, plaids, or any pattern in between. 4. A unique way to incorporate the mandatory quarter yard of black and white floral fabric (given to each participant) into their design. All this was to be limited to a quilt no larger than 45 inches in width and length.

Eight months later, eighteen participants showed their quilts to the rest of the membership. At this show, they told why they chose that design and how it represented them. The quilts then went on to be exhibited in three area counties that summer.

A couple of the ideas came from the “Paint Can Challenge” in the August/September, 2007 issue of QUILT Magazine. After reading the magazine article, the rest of the ideas seemed to fall into place. “The quilts began as a two-dimensional creation, but their explanations, some using poetry, some using quotes from other sources, brought these quilts to life. As I was organizing this exhibit, I couldn’t help but think of the book, THE VELVETEEN RABBIT,  with each quilt having been loved to life”, said Donna.

This project was a way for each participant to express themselves – through design, through color, and through words. Although several members were, at first, reluctant to write anything, it seemed their choice of words ended up giving added depth and meaning to their creations.


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