A Personal Look

Being the editor of QUILT Magazine often allows me a personal look inside people’s lives.  I met Leigh Headington at a quilt show while admiring a flag quilt design in their quilt booth.  Several months later Leigh and her two sisters, the Sweet Tea  Girls, created a new version of the flag quilt for the cover of QUILT Magazine’s June/July issue.

Leigh shared with me the sad news of her sister Diane’s cancer. Realizing that Diane’s life journey was now heaven bound, QUILT Magazine quickly sent advanced copies of the flag cover to the Sweet Tea Ladies to be able to celebrate and enjoy together.

I recently received this note from Leigh.  With Leigh’s permission I wanted to share it with my dear readers:

The Sweet Tea Girls

The Sweet Tea Girls – Margaret Pate, Leigh Headington, and Diane Coleman (in red)

“Deb, my sister Diane lost her battle this weekend and we buried her yesterday. Although we’ll miss her terribly, there is peace knowing that she is no longer having to suffer.  We gave her a wonderful wake with many of her quilts displayed around the room and a copy of your magazine for her to get her last bragging rights. Her last quilt draped her casket and she was layed to rest with a peaceful soft green and pink quilt to keep her warm.   Diane’s daughter, Sally, gave some of Diane’s quilts to some of Diane’s closest friends as an ongoing reminder of her.  I thought this was very touching and a wonderful way to continue her mom’s love of quilts. I’m pretty sure there is a wonderful group of quilters in Heaven and they have already pulled her into their ranks. They’ll love her just as we did. Just thought I would let you know.   -Leigh”


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